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What’s not to love about working with Wild Blue Yonder?

  • Were collaborative: We’re great at connecting, listening, and adapting to ensure that everyone’s needs are met and we create an enjoyable experience for all.
  • We earn your trust: As we dive into our collaboration together, you’ll know that you and your staff are in good hands as we strategize and design your program.
  • We walk the walk: We don’t just teach it—we live it. You’ll see us demonstrating the principles taught in our training programs throughout our time working together.
Gary and Sheila’s passion for the business and history of working in the trenches made them instantly credible. Our people believed in the workshops, looked forward to them, and are putting the lessons learned into practice with great success.
Chris Laughlin Review - Wild Blue Yonder
Chris Laughlin
President & CEO, LMO Advertising
About Wild Blue Yonder BG
Gary is truly someone who’s passionate about what he does, and he really cares about each and every individual experience.
Lily Rossow-Greenberg Review - Wild Blue Yonder
Lily Rossow-Greenberg
Partner, Associate Director, People & Culture at Group M

Gary Duke
Managing Partner & Chief Talent Officer

Gary designs and conducts critical skills training programs for client-centric companies who need support as they find their way through a work-from-anywhere reality.

He loves to help people find potential within themselves that they never knew existed.

Thanks to his practical, real-world perspective, Gary finds that it’s a big relief to his clients that he can relate to their struggles because he’s spent many years in their shoes.

After working his way up through various agency and client-side brand marketing positions, Gary spent seventeen years at MDB, a leading independent advertising agency, where he most recently served as Executive Vice President. He went on to found EmpowerBrand, LLC, a marketing consulting and corporate training firm focused on empowering brand marketers to achieve their goals.

With 25+ years in marketing and advertising under his belt, Gary was thrilled to find his true calling when he joined Wild Blue Yonder in 2015.

At Wild Blue Yonder, he works with many of the industry’s top independent and global ad agencies—including Havas Worldwide, IPG, OmnicomGroup, Leo Burnett, Ogilvy, Publicis, and WPP—as well as some of the world’s top consumer brands.

He’s a recognized thought leader and Talent Development Partner for the American Association of Advertising Agencies  (4A’s), where he wrote and co-produced the curriculum for the 4A’s Account Management Fundamentals on-demand training program.

Gary lives in Washington, D.C. with his fiancé, Mike, and their fur babies, Sadie and Zuko. After getting engaged in Iceland, they’re planning to be married in Tuscany in September (fingers crossed), and look forward to getting back to eating and drinking their way around the world together.

Really good course, and even more amazing presenter—Gary did a great job keeping us motivated!
Workshop Participant

Sheila Campbell
Founding Partner

Sheila founded Wild Blue Yonder to work with ad agencies and other organizations that need both creativity and strategic thinking as drivers of their success.

Before starting Wild Blue Yonder, Sheila was president of her own ad agency in Washington, DC.

She has taught strategy and creativity in the MBA program at Johns Hopkins University and she conducted workshops for the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) in account management relationships and leadership for ad agency groups around the country.

When not in the midst of a pandemic, Sheila leads small groups of travelers all over the world through our sister company, Wild Blue Yonder Trips.

She spends a couple of months a year in France; she’s hiked in such places as the Sahara, the Amazon, the Himalayas, and all over western Europe; and twice she has done a solo trek across England.

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