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How are you training your staff these days?

You’ve determined that a skills gap exists within your organization–a gap that may have grown even wider since transitioning overnight to a fully-remote workforce.

You realize that your staff needs more than just skills training–they need specific support around working with remote or hybrid teams.

Plus, the future is still full of unknowns–and employees everywhere are burned out, lacking work/life balance, and experiencing record high levels of fatigue and stress.

Should you do an off-the-shelf training program, like you did in the past? Call that previous trainer who wasn’t a perfect fit? Create a corporate training program in-house?

What if it’s an expensive, boring, waste of time that ends in bad reviews?

We've Got You

At Wild Blue Yonder, we create corporate training programs for client-facing companies whose employees work remotely or in a hybrid environment.

Through our collaborative process, we’ll partner with you to create a customized program that meets the specific needs of your employees, at your company, in your industry–wherever you (and they) are.

We combine up-to-date learning content with our own deep experience working with and for client-centric companies to deliver training programs that are effective, relatable, and actionable. Not to mention fun!

Your team members will have an awesome experience closing their skills gaps–and you’ll feel confident that they’re equipped for a work-from-anywhere world.

Gary Duke Managing Partner & Chief Talent Officer
Gary Duke, Managing Partner & Chief Talent Officer

Corporate Training Programs - What You Get:

Interactive Learning

Corporate training modules are presented in everyday terms through relatable stories and practical tips that participants can use immediately.

Real—World Experience

Our instructors are more than trainers—we have extensive experience managing teams and working on the front lines with clients, aka “street cred.”

One-On-One Support

Throughout the duration of the program, employees can benefit from access to the instructor for additional coaching and support.

How Can We Help You?

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Gary Duke, Managing Partner & Chief Talent Officer +1 202.746.6055

Some of the skills we teach:

Guide to Training Programs
Go to our Corporate Training Programs page for detailed descriptions of each of our programs, or download our Guide to Training Programs to get the same info in a single PDF.
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